As a leader in the inspection and consulting industry, Goodwin Roof Inspections and Consulting are always working on expanding their knowledge base and have successfully been able to move from roofing into air vapour barrier, infrared scans and waterproofing. See below for an overview of all services and check out the Portfolio page to see previous and ongoing projects.



Installing a new roof on either a new building or an existing one is a large investment and is the key item that protects you from the elements. Attaining Goodwin’s services to inspect the construction of your roof is one way to ensure you are getting a quality roof, installed to the most current industry standards, best roofing practices and to the minimums required by many Manufacturer and Association warranties.


When purchasing, selling or maintaining a building, having an assessment of the most vital part of the building envelope is essential for either your own knowledge, or to be able to pass off to interested buyers. Goodwin is able to provide you with a report of the overall condition of the exposed components of the roof system including the protective surfacing, roof membrane, related metal flashings, seals at interior walls, penetrations and condition of roof penetrations. A roof sketch showing a general outline of the project will be provided as well to outline various roof sections for reference purposes in the report, identification of maintenance or replacement areas and illustrate specific problem areas. Lastly, an estimated budget for roof maintenance or replacement (if needed) will be provided if required.


When it comes time to look into getting your roof replaced, having a leak fixed or just practicing good roof maintenance, it can be a time consuming and costly. Goodwin offers thermal imaging to assist in building diagnostics to cut down on time and costs. Thermal imaging is a useful tool that assists in identifying locations of heat loss and moisture entry throughout the building. We are trained in Thermography, to ensure that the depicted results are an accurate representation of any occurring problems.
Thermal Imaging is a proactive measure used by many Building Owners to address building problems before damages progress. Ongoing moisture infiltration into the building can result in costly repairs and potential building down time.
Clients are often encouraged to complete a thorough thermal scan of their building prior to the expiration of any warranties. Moisture infiltration problems will often result in large repair bills that may be covered under warranty. 


When looking to have your roof replaced, simply asking a couple of different Roofing Contractors can be overwhelming or confusing. You can receive prices back that are all over the place, without an understanding of why that may be. Having Goodwin put together a specification (essentially a “how to”) on your behalf, allows the Contractors to bid apples to apples, and gets you pricing that is closer together. Our specification will include all relevant technical sections, drawings and construction details. We will tender it for you, sending to Roofing Contractors that we know and trust, and then summarize their bids for you along with our recommendation. We allow for an unbiased third party, and follow the project through to the very end, including quality assurance reviews of the work, invoice approvals and other services. We are also able to assist in providing an Alberta Roofing Contractors Association warranty on your roof.


Do you manage a number of buildings or properties and have a hard time keeping track of leaks and all that come with them?

Have Goodwin take care of it for you!

Goodwin has a well-developed leak maintenance program in house, with a 24 hour emergency phone line that dispatches a Roofer on your behalf, so you don’t have to worry about it. Not only that, all roof maintenance and replacement costs can be summarized into a budget sheet, helping with your annual budgets come together seamlessly.


Walls are an equally important component to the building envelope; give yourself peace of mind that your building envelope is coming together seamlessly - have a third party review the installation.
Any of Goodwin’s qualified Inspectors are able to ensure that all components specified are on site and that all layers are being installed correctly.


Goodwin is also able to take the whole project out of your hands and act as the offsite Facilitator throughout the course of the project. Working to identify requirements, establish goals and ensure a successful re-roof. Services include coordination with the Roofer, quality assurance reviews, construction document administration, review of safety documents and invoices submitted from the Roofer and follow up until all deficiencies are completed.