Frequently Asked Questions


+ Why do I need a roof inspector?

Your new roof is a substantial investment and protects the buildings occupant and belongings. A roof inspector can help provide quality assurance and direction during construction to ensure that the best roof is provided. If your new roof is being installed to provide an ARCA (Alberta Roofing Contractors Association) warranty, then it is a requirement of the warranty provider to have the construction of the roof inspected.

+ Do I need reoccurring roof evaluations?

The first roof evaluation report you receive will set a milestone for the life of your roof. Maintenance and life expectancy of a roof can be identified and ensure your roof is in good condition. That being said, a building’s roof takes a lot of abuse from the elements, animals, insects, and occasionally from foot, trade or unwanted traffic. Protect your building’s most valuable component by regularly inspecting, and maintaining it. A lot can change in the course of a year with ice damming, flash rain, high winds, aggressive animals and vandalism.

+ Can I specify and tender my own roof replacement?

Using Goodwin Roof Inspections and Consulting to specify and tender your roof’s replacement ensures a number of things that would otherwise be lost if you simply asked a group of contractors to give you a price. When a consultant specifies a project they implement their experience and expertise into the design of a roof system, including structural consideration, wind up lift design, and drainage requirements. These items are all done to meet or exceed the most current building, plumbing and fire codes. A consultant will also ensure that every bidder is pricing the exact same system, and a level of quality can be maintained through the bidding parties. Our firm will ensure that tenant requirements, environmental controls, safety and warranty minimums are specified to ensure that the projects impact on a client’s operations are minimal, controlled and most important, conducted safely.

+ What kind of warranty should, or can I get with a new roof?

There are two primary warranty providers, the first is the manufacture who typically warranties their products, and for additional costs may warranty some of the installation. The second is a warranty program offered by the Alberta Roofing Contractors Association (ARCA), which provides warranty terms that cover the products, installation, flashings and accessories as outlined in there documentation. We recommend that both warranty programs be opted for in any replacement of a building’s roof. A roof is an investment, and a warranty is a good way to protect your investment.

+ What can I expect when replacing my property's roof?

Removing and replacing an existing roof is an involved process that with the proper planning and coordination can be un-intrusive and seamless, especially if you consider using Goodwin Roof Inspections and Consulting’s project management service. Replacing a building’s roof is typically done in sections where the existing membrane is cut using specialty equipment, and the new products are installed. During the demolition of the roof system some noise and dust is generated. It is crucial that all parties are in communication throughout this phase as this is when most the material and equipment are coming and going from a site. Roof top units or RTU’s may have to be disconnected throughout the replacement phases and can affect some aspects of the building, however with a degree of project management; its impact can be minimized. Through the final stages of the replacement, the buildings ‘metal flashings’ are installed to give the elevation of the building its final appearance, and provide the last piece of the roofing system.

+ I manage multiple buildings or sites and have difficulty tracking all the work to be done. Can Goodwin Roof Inspections and Consulting help manage my roofs?

Through the use of automatically renewing roof evaluations, Goodwin Roof Inspections and Consulting can track, itemize, tender, coordinate repairs and communicate the entire process to you, so that you can focus on items that may be a more valuable use of your time. An evaluation of your properties and establishing a time frame will allow us to monitor and maintain all of your properties roof systems, and report the information to you with your reoccurring evaluations so you know the condition of every properties roof.